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Ladies, isn’t it great to have a place you can truly call your own? Meaning having an interior design that is really chic and perfectly suits your personality. No question about it- this would definitely be wonderful!

Well, let us take a review on what CHIC design is. Basically, this design produces a polished, contemporary look with organic finishing. This design concept intends to create an inviting, homely and relaxing ambience not only for ladies- but for the rest of the household members. Moreover, a chic condo must retain its functionality and produce lively and positive vibes. If there is one thing about this design concept- it does not say BORING!

One of the basics in achieving this look is combining softer shades with darker shades. Softer shades will help neutralize the effect of darker colors. This creates a balance which makes a room appear more inviting rather than boring, rustic or too formal. The use of accents is also prominent in this design. However, the accent should not be too far from the existing soft –shade of the area.

Patterns keep chic interior from appearing mundane.  They bring forth a discrete (almost nonexistent) spice that other concepts do not have. In choosing a pattern, it is important to keep in mind to go for something graphic but not too heavy in the eyes. Some mosaics or tailored lines are good picks for this interior design.

Comfort is an important factor for this style. While many items in a furniture shop or boutique seem great picks for a chic interior, avoid diving right into the trap. Do not forget “graphics and colors can be deceiving”. They may look good in the living room; bedroom or whichever area of the house but if they do present certain level of comfort then that is not chic at all.

Chic condo style is a great space-saver like minimalism. The idea is not to overcrowd the space. Forget about placing too many tables in one room and just go for what you need. Moreover, go for something that could be use for various functions. For example, go for a cabinet with built-in full-size mirror rather than buying them separately. With this option, you do not just save space- you also save money!

Of course, chic style can also follow themes.  Some condo unit owners sometimes matched their interior design with their location. Therefore, if one lives near the sea, then she would have a chic interior that represents the sea. This involves the use of colors such as coral blue, grey and some yellow. Such them will also use decorations made of corals or shells to match the location.