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Owning a condominium unit in a city is a great thing. It is an investment; it justifies the worth of the money and justifies a person’s hard work. But, in general, people who opt for condo units are those with jobs to keep and attend to all day long. This means having a very little time to do the cleaning of the place. Weekends? Do not ask them about weekends coz those days are usually saved up for their relaxation or quality time. So, as much as possible, they try to keep their units tidy all the time.

However, there are areas in the house that require daily tidying. This means that regardless of the person’s busy sched, he or she would have to make time! Now, let us take a look at those areas and find out how to clean them up without being late for work.

Bedroom. There is a basic rule that every person in condominium unit has to keep in mind- put it back where you got it! By learning how to put things back to their usual places is already a big time-saver for everybody. It helps avoid the clutter and keep things organized.  The use of storage boxes is also a plus factor in tidying a bedroom quickly. Everything should a place to go such as laundry basket for dirty clothes and trash bins for garbage. With an organized bedroom, one only has to worry about tucking the bedsheet and folding the blanket every morning. If the person has 5 minutes to spare then she can even quick vacuum the area.

Kitchen. This area is a very crucial room in the house. This is where the food goes, prepared and kept. If it is not given proper attention, it could lead to a more serious problem such as having bugs and contaminated food. Kitchen does not require 30 minutes to be cleaned. The CAIGO (Clean as I go) rule works great for this room. This means tidying up things that has been used before the person leaves the room. With the simple mantra, a quick swipe and vacuum are all that is needed to clean the room.

Although quick cleaning usually saves the day, a condo owner should not forget that a thorough cleaning of these areas must be done even once or twice a month. Doing so will keep everyone in the house safe from possible illnesses. This will also keep owners from spending more time with the daily-quick cleaning. Remember, even a well-designed unit would not look attractive when it is untidy!