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Colors are definitely the key to a wonderful bedroom and interior design in general. Bedrooms are among the key areas of every home structure that need special attention. Although, they are not one for receiving guests or others, these areas are very personal and private. Because of their nature, its design must be something that showcases the owner’s personality and has to suggest tranquility and calmness.

The selection of the color scheme for a bedroom is definitely the most practical way to achieve an ambient atmosphere for it. Aside from that, colors can easily represent the personality of an individual. With the right bedroom color combined with bedroom accessories like lights and others, anybody can have a wonderful space to call his or her own. However, finding the right color for a bedroom could be something simple to complicated. It actually depends on the skill of the person to find and match the right shades together. Hence, many designers start by explaining the meaning of colors used on bedrooms.

  • Purple represents fertility , happiness and creativity. However, it is a bit of hard or heavy color thus combining it with a lighter tome is suggested. One designer came out with an ambience of sophistication by combining purple and lavender.
  •  Green is a symbol of energy, balance, security, calm and nature. A color palette with lime green, white and navy blue can turn a rustic room into a modern, fresh and serene area. Fern green combined with rose, on the other hand, can  bring out a more traditional yet inviting bedroom.
  • Blue represents authority, contemplation, protection, serenity and calm. Key attributes that a person wants a room to have. Red and soft blue can bring a livelier ambience of in the bedroom. A more classic and comforting touch can be achieved by integrating white and blue together.

There are other color collections that perfectly fit a bedroom. Rose, pink, lavender and red are among the other color selections most suggestive for bedrooms. These colors can be placed repetitively or singularly in a bedroom to achieve the right ambience.  Likewise, they do not have to always come plainly. Patterns and designs can actually add more character to these colors. They can also be used in small to big items in the bedroom.

Choosing the right furniture pieces, lamps, carpet or rugs will also help achieve the perfect bedroom. Paintings and other wall decorations can also bring magic in the bedroom.