As one of the premier interior designers in Singapore, Concept Trend Condo has been conceptualizing and designing condominium interiors for the better part of a decade. The goal is simple – to provide clients with a comfortable, luxurious, and stylish space that they would want to call home.

Led by a team of the finest interior designers in Singapore, Concept Trend Condo has helped its client base come up with elegant designs for each aspect of their condominium’s interior, including the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom. Concept Trend Condo’s designers will be on top of everything from conceptualization, design, and actual development of the condo interior design.


Why Go With Concept Trend Condo?


With ten years of experience in condominium interior design, it’s clear that Concept Trend Condo knows what it takes to deliver the best in terms of condo renovation. Through the years, the company has been able to refurbish a wide-range of condominium units in Singapore, infusing each one with modern contemporary interior design. The company’s design services include:

  • Preparing an organized floor plan and layout of each of the condominium’s interior.
  • Collection of interior and exterior furnishing set to match the agreed design scheme.
  • Conceptualization and set up of lighting specifications.
  • Design and set up of window treatments.
  • Set up of other facilities such as security alarms, garden, and swimming areas.

Aside from delivering modern contemporary interior design work, Concept Trend Condo also offers the following services that will make it easier and convenient for clients to get their interior design project up and running:


Quick and Efficient Processing of the Necessary Paperwork


Concept Trend Condo eliminates the time-consuming process of preparing the necessary paperwork and dealing with relevant authorities by assigning clients with an experienced project manager who will handle the task for them.


Connection to a Wide Network of Reputable Suppliers


Concept Trend Condo has worked with a network of reputable suppliers through the years, providing clients with a reliable source that they can depend on for all their interior design needs. Each supplier is able to deliver in terms of quality and craftsmanship ensuring that customers get their money’s worth and their overall condo design are met. As an added guarantee, minor defects incurred during renovation will be addressed immediately without any extra cost.


Timely Delivery of Interior Design Project


Concept Trend Condo understands its customers’ needs of having their interior design project finished on time. With a team of experienced project managers supervising the company’s various interior design projects, We are able to meet tight deadlines, address any problems before they arise, and deliver the best design and building project based on the client’s instructions.


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