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Owning a condominium unit is a practical approach to owning a house in Singapore. While this option might have well served many locals and foreign alike, there is a downside to it and that is SPACE. Literally speaking, there some disadvantages if a person lives in a place with limited floor area. However, interior designers advise many condo owners to do not let this disadvantage hinder them from having a nice kitchen. With the right inspiration mixed with creativity, everybody can loaf in a kitchen area that worth of praise!

Basically, a creative kitchen should portray a unique style. It has to be a representation of the owner’s lifestyle or desired lifestyle. At the same time, it does not have to be too costly. A smaller kitchen is supposed to require a smaller budget for its interior design. In many situations, a matching color combination, functional kitchen furniture and equipment, and a few ornaments are enough to enhance the appearance of a kitchen regardless of the available space.

A kitchen design inspiration could come from many sources. For example, consider the design concept of the nearest room which is usually the living room.  This is very significant since the things that obstruct the view of the kitchen from the living room are very minimal. This is a very typical feature of condominium; thus, interior designers recommend getting the inspiration of the kitchen-design from the concept of the living room.

While going for the theme of the family room is a safe approach, one must not totally copy what is in that area. It is still important to keep in mind that each room has a special function. Kitchens are meant to be the area of the house where people prepare, enjoy and share their meals. Thus, going for furniture pieces that could serve these functions is another interior- design idea that greatly helps in remodeling the kitchen area. Do not go for what is in the trend or what a colleague has in his or her kitchen; instead, the homeowner should consider his or her own taste while keeping in mind the uses of the furniture.

Go for themes. Themes are good sources of creative kitchen design. As a matter of fact, this could even serve those who are not on the creative or imaginative side. A theme could something rustic, modern, country or anything that suits one’s taste and budget. In general, themed- design can be obtained through proper selection of wall colors and other furnishings.