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Worrying about the size of your room or any area of your house? Is it too big or too small? Regardless, colors can help in tricking others with the real space you have in your living room, kitchen or any other room of the house.

Rooms that are too small can make one feel as if he is confined like a sardine in a can.  With a limited space, it is definitely a challenge to decorate an area with various furniture pieces or any other item that would not make it appear even smaller. A technique that saves many interior designers in improving the appearance of smaller spaces is color.  With the right selection of wall, ceiling and floor colors; a room may  appear wider or more spacey that it actually is. Here some suggestions on how to make a room appear bigger through colors.

–          Go for lighter tones. Lighter color paints help improve the lightning quality by redistributing the available light in the room. Through adequate brightness, a guest may actually feel that he is a spacey area.

–          Paint one wall with a darker color. This will create an accent but always go for the wall beside or near the window. In this case, the natural light can balance the accent and match it with the rest of the room colors.

–          Let the walls of a confided talk to each other by , again, having an accent. However, this time, try painting 3 of your walls with darker hues. Find the wall with the longest perspective and paint it with a lighter paint. By doing this trick, you will help improve the proportion of the room thus making it appear bigger than its space.

Rooms that are too wide or with too much space are equally difficult to design.  With too much items or accessories to fill the space, the room could look too heavy in the eye or overly decorated. Again, the right pairs of colors can do wonders in reducing the space of a large room.

If there is one thing that interior designers often do to make large rooms feel smaller then that would be to use darker colors on its walls, floors and ceilings. For this, it is also important to determine just what kind of theme a home owner wants to achieve or for whom the area is being prepared for. Sometimes, the technique also lies on matching the room with the personality of the residents. This would not only make the area appear more confined but cozier and more inviting too.