People have this pre-conceived notion that kitchens in condominium lack the same functionalities as home kitchens. Whether the rationale is the lack of size and space, they consider it to be more inadequate in allowing you to prepare everyday meals. It’s this belief that Concept Trend Condo wants to eliminate through its award-winning kitchen designs.

Concept Trend Condo provides clients with a wide selection of services that will help transform their kitchen into a unique space which will make it easier for them to prepare and cook their meals. With its top designers and project managers helming each project from start to finish, clients can expect a kitchen that’s designed and renovated to meet their needs. To give clients options in renovating their kitchen, Concept Trend Condo offers the following design concepts:


Space Saving


For condominium units with very minimal space to work with, we are able to fully utilize the floor space and maximize every space your kitchen offers. With the focus on ensuring that you’re able to have more storage to secure your culinary tools and accessories while keeping your kitchen devoid of clutter, the company’s designers will work on adding a variety of storage compartments ranging from cabinets to drawers as well as dividers and sliding trays. These structures can be customized based on your specifications to give you a kitchen that’s tailored to meet your needs.




A kitchen that isn’t fully-functional isn’t worth having. By equipping your kitchen with advanced kitchen appliances and gadgets, it is easier for you to prepare and serve meals. Appliances like a combi-oven to make cooking or baking hassle-free or a dishwasher and steam generator unit that will wash and dry your dishes at the same time are just some of the many innovations that our designers can provision for in your kitchen.


Contemporary Design


While condominium owners consider functionality essential when it comes to designing and renovating a kitchen, that doesn’t mean style should be set aside. With this principle in mind, We are able to come up with a variety of design themes that will work around a condominium’s given kitchen space. The company’s team of designers will not only focus on the layout of the entire kitchen space but also on the materials used for the counters, cabinets, shelves, and flooring. Colors will also be focused on ensuring that the swatches to be used will complement the entire design of the condominium unit.

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