The living room has always been considered as the space where guests congregate and socialize.  Along with your dining area, this area is where people flock to the most.  Given the role it plays, it’s important for your living room to carry a stylish yet comfortable atmosphere to ensure that you and your guests are able to have fun spending time together in this part of your home. That’s what Concept Trend Condo aims to achieve through its array of interior design services.

Concept Trend Condo offers a range design concepts and themes that can breathe new life to your living room space. The goal is simple – to provide you with a living room area that will not only enhance your condominium’s appearance but will make it the favorite spot guests and family will enjoy hanging out in. Here are some of the things that Concept Trend Condo can implement to give you a comfortable and stylish living room space:


Organized Entertainment Area


Enjoyment is one of the key factors that make the living room a great place to hang out in. To ensure that your friends and family get the time of their lives, Concept Trend Condo can work on integrating a variety of equipment and furniture that will convert your living room into a viable entertainment section. Some of the concepts that our designers can work on is coming up with TV console feature walls, giving you a way to install your television set without taking too much space.  Media storage and shelves can also be installed to store your other electronic equipment and gadgets, leaving you with a space that’s clean, organized, and spacious enough to host your guests.


Comfortable Lounge Section


With very little space to work with, most condo owners end up compromising the comfort of having chairs and sofas for space. That’s something Concept Trend Condo can work around with. With in-depth knowledge in developing floor plans that maximize every inch of living room space, Concept Trend Concept will be able to fit in a variety of chairs, couches, tables, and even medium-sized sectionals and arrange them in such a way that you’ll end up with a cozy space which won’t leave your guests feeling cramped.  Furniture will be sourced from the top brands in the industry ensuring that you get the best in terms of quality and comfort.

Functional Storage Facilities


Storage plays a big role in keeping your place organized. However, since most storage facilities come in big sizes, you’ll need to get those that can offer more than just storage. Concept Trend Condo can help you with that by sourcing functional storage furniture that will provide you with more constructed from the best materials. Furniture such as ottomans and entryway benches that can store items and double as a chair for your guests or small console tables that can act as a small storage shelf while giving you room to display other ornaments on top are just some of the things Concept Trend Condo can find and add to your living space.

Stylish Accents


Even if you have all the basic furniture and equipment in place, it won’t be enough to make your living room attractive. To enhance your living space and give it some character, we can incorporate a variety of accents and accessories such as pillows, rugs, art décor, vases, and other ornaments. Our designers will make sure that each accent added to your living room will not clash with your condominium’s overall design theme ensuring that you get a space that’s clean, stylish, and consistent in terms of appearance.

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