Concept Trend Condo knows that your personal space matters – that includes your bedroom. With the company’s award winning interior design skills and array of services, the company aims to convert your bedroom into a personal living space that you will always want to come home to.

Infusing function and style into their different interior design concepts, Concept Trend Condo has been able to develop a wide range of themes that are both modern and contemporary in design and functionality. The company is able to deliver all these without going beyond their clients’ budget and specifications. Here’s what you can expect from us when it comes to designing a bedroom’s interior:


An Organized Bedroom Layout


With the bedroom serving as your haven from the outside world, it’s important for it to be designed in an organized manner. Concept Trend Condo is able to do just that by coming up with a bedroom interior design plan that offers plenty of space for you to walk in. By ensuring that all furnishing placed in the bedroom are arranged properly, Concept Trend Condo is able to maximize any given space leaving condominium owners with a bedroom that sports a clean, organized, and spacious layout.


Space-Saving Storage Compartments


Keeping up with the concept of giving unit owners more space to move around in their bedroom, Concept Trend Condo is able to integrate a variety of space-saving storage compartments that offers multiple options in terms of storage. Walk-in closets can be built and added to the bedroom to keep clothes and other apparel stocked in one area. Built-shelves and cabinet can be installed as well to store or display other items like books, picture frames, and other types of ornaments. All these leave unit owners with a bedroom that offers adequate space while requiring very minimal upkeep.


Comfortable and Relaxing Ambience


One of the many things a bedroom should exude is a comfortable and relaxing ambience to make you feel right at home. Concept Trend Condo is able to achieve that by incorporating the proper lighting fixtures that will match the colors of your condominium unit. Bright lights are taken out in place of soft lighting to promote a sense of relaxation. The bed is paired with a sturdy yet soft mattress to make sleeping comfortable. To complement this, soft fabric and materials are used for the pillows and bed sheets leaving you with a bed that you won’t have problems sleeping on. We can help you source for all these.


Adequate Ventilation


When living in an enclosed space, ventilation is a premium. With this in mind, Concept Trend Condo has made it point to incorporate a variety of ventilation options into its design concepts. Exhaust fans placed on the ceiling or wall and far from the window are used to let fresh and cool air circulate in the bedroom. Glass windows are also utilized to bring in natural air and allow the sun’s light into the room.

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