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It is true! There are just too many things one can do by having an expansive bedroom. After all, who does not dream of having a bedroom with an ample amount of space? With an expansive bedroom, one can enjoy big bed, extensive wardrobe, beautiful tulle drapes or canopies and stylish bedroom furniture pieces. Sadly, not everybody has or can afford to have a bedroom with unrestrained space. In this case, a homeowner would just have to deal with whatever space he has. This, however, does not mean that he could not enjoy a cozy, functional and stylish bedroom.

The Basic

  1. If one is to make the most of a limited bedroom space, the first thing that he needs to do is make a checklist.  List down the things he would want his bedroom to have starting with the most essential items. Naturally, the top of the list should include the bed, wardrobe cabinet, side table and possibly a single chair. ‘
  2. After the checklist, decide how much space you would need for these pieces.  In this case, consider also how long you need to use something. Beds, for example, are rarely use during the day thus choosing something that you could tuck away during the day is highly recommended. For a cabinet, dig in your clothes chest and start packing away those pieces that you barely use or have forgotten you have. They would only take up significant amount of your limited space.


  • Consider floating shelves and cabinets. Use the space on your wall by having shelves or cabinets which can be used to placed or store away things. Wall hooks are also helpful in maximizing the limited space of a room.
  • Go for furniture pieces that have multiple purposes. For example, there are beds that are built with storage under them. With this solution, anyone with restrained bedroom can skip buying numerous furniture pieces for the area.
  • Go for bright and neutral. Wall paints that are brighter and are on the neutral side can create an illusion of space. This helps make the room appear bigger than how it actually is.

Definitely, a bigger room size is pleasing since people can do so many things with it. However, the limitation of space should not be the reason why one has to be confined in a boring room with just a bed and a table in it. The secret is knowing how to prioritize, organize and arrange things together.