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Having a sophisticated interior home design is almost everybody’s dream. The problem with this kind of interior, however, is more of financial terms rather than spatial. Most of the time people link the term sophisticated with cost. Thankfully, this is not always the case.

One popular interior designer from Lebanon came out with a very elegant home interior without spending too much. The words that would describe the design are simple and neat rather than costly and spacious. Harmony and balance are very important in achieving this interior look. This only means that every bits and pieces of the items must complement each other and even the accents should not be that overwhelming.

In many cases, designers achieve this look by having gold accents and velvety colors. While these colors can actually create a more a luxurious –looking abode, plainer and neutral colors may also offer the same appeal. The good thing about neutral colors is that they could with almost any other colors. Therefore, attaining harmony is much easier than if one chooses to design his place with other color schemes.

Another word that best describes a sophisticated condominium is “clean”. Storage then plays an important role here. As much as possible, the condo owner should keep his things in orderly and organized way. Things that that are not often used should be stored properly rather than let around. They would not just take up space but make an area appear clattered.

The use of marbles or expensive stones is not always necessary.  Making use of what is already available in a condominium unit will help owners save considerable sum of money. However, they can be tweaked or minimally altered in order to enhance their appearance. For examples, existing flooring does not have to be changed to enjoy an elegant home. Rags and even floor paints are great alternatives to improve the flooring without spending too much.

Simple lines and unique artistic items are likewise great decorations that exude sophistication. Furniture pieces with unique designs and styles can make an area of the condominium look more interesting and with a lot of character. So, rather than worrying how to break the wall or remake the floor of a condo unit; better start looking for unique items that are stylish, useful and of course- affordable.