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Many interior designers agree that changing the color of one side of an area of the house is a proven technique in improving house appearance.  It is very useful in various occasions and seasons. This technique is widely known as “accentuating”.

An accent is very helpful most especially to those who often change the color schemes of their interiors. Many interior designers suggest this home improvement technique in order to achieve the desired transition within a minimal amount of time. Through accent, a room may appear brighter, warmer, cozier or flirtatious with little effort. Moreover, accents are not limited to using wall paints. It can also be using various textures or using carpets to enhance the appearance of an area.

Using accents on specific areas of the house can do wonders. The following are just some of the roles accents have in one’s house:

Bring Balance

As people try to improve the appearance of their house earnestly balance is usually forgotten.  The tendency is for them to buy more and more items to fill up the space of an area just to realize in the end that it already looks too heavy in the eye or simply unbalanced.  A very good remedy for this is to create a visual weight in one of the areas of the room.  As a suggestion, it is necessary to look for the area that seemed unpopulated by furniture pieces, rugs and other decorations. By using an accent like repainting one side of the wall with lighter tone can create more balance.

Attention- Grabber

In areas where one receives visitors or guests, it is necessary to have something that would attract their attention. It can be a piece of furniture, a painting or other ornament. Finding that artifact can be quite easy but what’s tricky is actually attracting the attention of the guests towards it. By placing that item in a slightly different area of the house can effectively draw the attention of anybody.

With the right accent, a home owner may come up with different themes for his or her house without spending too much time and money for it. A little tweaking, alterations or uniqueness is all that is needed to achieve it.  This interior designing technique is also very helpful during instantaneous or unplanned gathering. By simply placing something that diverts the attention of a person, a room can already look more interesting or different than how it usually is.