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Would it not be wonderful to feel like having different houses? Sure it is! However, it is also not that simple.  A house structure is one of the most important investments a family could have. Likewise, it is one of the most difficult to obtain since it might take years before someone actually finishes paying it. A trick, on the other hand, may offer the same excitement as much as a new house could without spending as much.

Wall paints and other colors in the house can create a unique feeling each time. Through the right color scheme or color combination, a house may feel as warm or refreshing as summer even during the winter season. Colors can also make a home structure look bigger or smaller depending on the objective of the owner. While both of these maybe true, mismatched colors can also break the appeal of a house interior. Thus, it is a MUST for every homeowner to choose the right color scheme for their house.

The first step to deciding the color scheme for a house is to understand the effects colors create. The color wheel is the perfect tool for deciding which color combination to go for.

Refreshing and revitalizing colors

The colors that are found on the left side of the color wheel are very refreshing in the eye. The colors include green, blue and violet.

Cozy and inviting

The right side of the wheel offers a selection of warmer colors. Reds, pure orange and yellow are among these colors.

Upon understanding the effects of colors, it is also necessary to have a clear picture in the mind what emotion or mood the owner wants to achieve afterwards. This would be better understood and determined if one understands the different color schemes.

Related Colors

This scheme produces a less contrasting effect since it only considers the colors that are found next to each other. This scheme also produces a tranquil and more peaceful mood than complimentary sets.


Complimentary Colors

These colors are very contrasting. They involved those selections of colors that are found opposite each other like yellow and violet. It creates a very lively effect on the interior of the house.



These colors are those with variations. For example, a yellow could have different hues and shades but will still be recognized as yellow. By combining this type of scheme, a house could look more stylish and appealing in the eyes.